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 Excellence since 1965. 

Caspy & Caspy is one of the oldest, leading accounting firms in Jerusalem, providing professional services for more than 50 years to clients in Israel and overseas.

The combination of high-quality personnel, rich experience and an uncompromising approach to excellence, enables us to provide professional services with a personal connection with each and every client.

The Firm has a department to service New Olim and Returning Residents, including help in actualizing eligibility for economic assistance and tax breaks, and the filing of tax returns with US tax authorities.


.Areas of Expertise

Our high level of expertise, extensive professional knowledge and many years of experience enable us to deal with new, complex subjects, while being very familiar with the businesses of our clients and fulfilling their requirements professionally, responsibly and reliably.

Individuals and self-employed

Advising on the correct way to associate a business – company, partnership, or self-employed. Opening files with the tax authorities in Israel – Income Tax, VAT and National Insurance. Ongoing representation before the tax authorities as needed. Preparation of tax returns on Wealth Declarations.

Olim and Returning Residents

Advising Olim and Returning Residents about tax obligations in Israel and overseas, including National Insurance, Health Tax, the ideal business organization and requests to receive an ID Number. Advising on Israeli and American taxation, including filings with the tax authorities in Israel and the USA.

Private companies

Opening files with the tax authorities in Israel. Advising on the form of business organization and ongoing advice during the year. Performing an audit of the books of account and filing audited financial statements for tax purposes. Representation in audits performed on behalf of the tax authorities.  

Amutot (NGO’s) and non-profits

Advising on how to organize as an NGO or a Company for the Public Benefit (“Chalatz”). Facilitate obtaining recognition as an institution for charitable contributions under Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance and assistance in filing requests for support. Preparation of financial statements and representation in audits by the various Israeli authorities. 

Government ministries

Serving as independent auditors and financial auditors of an array of government ministries with complex operations, with turnovers of billions of shekels. Consultants to government ministries in many areas, including investigative audits, payroll audits and governmental support committees. 

Foreign investors

Advising on the best way to invest in Israel from the standpoint of taxation in Israel and overseas. The opening of files and ongoing representation before tax authorities in Israel. Representation of NGO’s and non-profits who have “Friends of” entities abroad, for the purpose of soliciting contributions for non-profit’s activities in Israel. 

 One stop shop  of professionalism in taxation, accounting and auditing.

.Our Services

We believe in a long-term partnership with our clients, while maintaining a personal relationship, full availability and an understanding of the unique needs of each and every client.

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.Our Staff

Our team of dedicated, experienced and talented employees is our competitive advantage. Our staff is a source of pride, and it is to their credit that we continually strive to improve the services we provide to our clients.

Moshe Caspy

CPA & Founding


Eitan Caspy

CPA & Managing Partner

Ariella Izak


Jeff Melamed


Moran Bar-Ami


Avner Fosh


Uzi Gamliel


Shani Fergun


Erez Gur Arie


Ziva Peres

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April 2020

Assistance Grant for Businesses for Participating in Fixed Expenses due to Corona

March 2020

Updates and Recommendations in Interactions with the Tax Authorities and other Government Bodies during the Corona Crisis

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