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 Accounting Services

Accounting and auditing

Accounting and auditing are essential financial activities for every business and corporation. 
The high level of expertise, the thorough professional knowledge and many years of vast experience accumulated by the Firm in the field of accounting and auditing enables us to deal with new and complex accounting issues, while finding creative accounting solutions that serve the needs of our clients in a profession, responsible and reliable manner. 


We are updated regularly about changes and innovations in accounting standards and in legislation in the field of corporations, in order to provide our clients with up-to-date and reliable accounting solutions. 
We evaluate the accounting issues that arise at our clients while combining extensive professional knowledge, long-term thinking, many years of experience and thorough familiarity with our clients' 


Caspy & Caspy provides its clients with a wide array of accounting and auditing services, including: 

  • Audits of financial statements. 

  • Audits of IT systems. 

  • Financial statement preparation in conformity with GAAP and according to the regulatory requirements of the different business sectors. 

  • Ongoing accounting consultancy. 

  • Special expertise in the accounting principles applied to water corporations, institutions of higher education, not-for-profit organizations and local authorities. 

  • Assistance and advice in solving complex accounting problems. 

  • Providing detailed, comprehensive accounting opinions, including opinions intended for filing with the courts. 

Caspy & Caspy serves as the internal auditor of companies, industrial enterprises, national institutions, public bodies, financial institutions, not-for-profit organizations, foreign corporations operating in Israel and local authorities.

Business consultancy and guidance

Individuals, corporations and organizations are required to reach business decisions that involve risk. Therefore, extensive assessment and examination procedures are necessary. In today's business reality, there is a tangible need for these procedures to integrate professional consultancy based on extensive, comprehensive knowledge in the fields of accounting, auditing, taxation and finance.    


Caspy & Caspy provides its clients with supplementary consultancy services, including: 

  • Consultancy for financing projects. 

  • Cost/benefit analyses and examination of ventures for companies and individuals. 

  • Consultancy on the structuring of data systems in the fields of accounting and finance. 

  • Due diligence. 

  • Economic and financial analyses. 

  • Valuations of companies. 

  • Guidance in negotiations. 

  • Guidance in private placements and public offerings. 

  • Advice on payroll and social benefits for employees.

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